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Stress is a part of all our lives and impacts us in one way or another. From handling work to disciplining kids coping with homework or meeting finances, stress is present everywhere. Stress might be important in some situations where it acts as the driver for achievements however, too much stress can wear down a person mentally, physically, and emotionally.

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Mental Heath

We offer multiple services for the helping people with mental health. 

speaking publicly

We start our journey by speaking publicly about it and increase awareness on the importance of the mental health.

information and knowledge

As we understand that the root to success over mental issues is by spreading information and knowledge about it.

services like consultation

We do not only offer services like consultation, appointments and treatments. We also provide regular and continuous stress check.

We also offer multiple mental relaxation services

We also help people with maintaining a schedule and healthy lifestyle to cope and win over the mental health problems. 

We also offer multiple mental relaxation services like calming environment and stress relief exercises.Aromatherapy is one more in our list which generates the calming environment, helping in stress relief and improving body functioning.

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General information on the Department of Mental Health

It is the first point of reference for citizens with mental illness. It coordinates all the interventions of prevention, treatment, rehabilitation for citizens with psychiatric pathologies within the territory.

The Center is headed by a multi-professional team consisting of at least one psychiatrist, a psychologist, a social worker and a professional nurse.

Doctor consulting male patient, working on diagnostic examination on men’s health disease or mental illness, while writing on prescription record information document in clinic or hospital office

The CSM operates in outpatient offices and ensures, in cases of need and when it deems it appropriate, interventions at home or in other places of life. It can be accessed by contacting the facility directly, at the request of the general practitioner or psychiatrist of the public service. In cases where the situation requires a more articulated assessment of the need, access to the CSM can achieve the orientation determined in this sense by the Single Access Point (PUA) which operates at the Basic Healthcare Districts of the ASL

In the face of a pathology structured in a complex way, the CSM proceeds to the cd. taking charge of the patient, which involves the preparation of an individualized Therapeutic Project that formalizes the treatment, defines the duration, identifies the objectives and includes the verification of the results.

Access to the CSM can also translate into mere counseling, therefore providing for an evaluation which does not necessarily result in specialist treatment.

The Mental Health Center ensures the following interventions:

  • Psychiatric treatments and psychotherapies, social interventions, insertion of patients in Day Centers, Day Hospital residential structures, hospitalizations, health treatments (infusion therapy);
  • Diagnostic activities with psychiatric visits, psychological interviews for the definition of appropriate therapeutic-rehabilitative and socio-rehabilitative programs in the perspective of an integrated approach, with outpatient, home, network and residential interventions in the therapeutic continuity strategy;
  • • Liaison activities with General Practitioners, to provide psychiatric consultancy and to conduct, in collaboration, therapeutic projects and training activities. Some CSMs also have a telephone line dedicated to GPs for counseling during opening hours;
  • Specialist consultancy for “border” services (alcoholism, drug addiction, etc.), as well as for residential facilities for the elderly and disabled;
  • Psychogeriatrics Clinic (UVA Center);
  • Filtration of hospitalizations and control of hospitalization in accredited private neuropsychiatric nursing homes, in order to ensure therapeutic continuity;
  • Evaluation for the purpose of continuous improvement of the quality of the practices and procedures adopted;
  • Agreements and program agreements with municipalities for, among other things, work placements of psychiatric users, hetero-family foster care and home care;
  • Collaboration with local authorities and the territorial network, associations, schools, social cooperatives.
  • The CSM is active for outpatient and / or home interventions, usually for 12 hours a day, for 6 days a week. In case of urgency, during the closing hours of the service, citizens can contact the Emergency Department.

The new role of users of Mental Health Services

The development in the health field of the consumer movement, that is of the citizen users as a collective and organized subject acting as a social actor (Crozier & Friedberg, 1977), must be framed in social dynamics that are located at the level of macromutations and which as such an indisputable force, even considering the situation of profound ambiguity and disparity of power in which the consumer of the healthcare offer finds himself. Furthermore, in the field of mental health , the objectives of consumer groups are different based on the pathology they share.

Those who suffer from depression , eating disorders , anxiety syndromes frequently consider their disorder as a disease, like the physical ones, without questioning the interpretative models of the disorders they suffer from and do not put issues relating to collective rights on the agenda. Many of these groups are active in raising funds, organizing and promoting services , sometimes expressing criticism and dissent about the quality of treatment or the allocation of resources, without however challenging the foundations of psychiatry.

On the other hand, do not always accept the status of “disease” of their condition or redefine its contents, they often question the psychiatric model and have rights as their main interest. stigma, self-determination, the definition of “mental illness”, thus differentiating itself from a large part of consumers in the health sector.

Change in Mental Health Services
There are historical periods in which radical reversals take place capable of changing paradigms and perspectives: this is what has occurred in the last fifty years, with the end of the era of asylums and the birth of community psychiatry and this is what is happening today with the development of the movement of users with severe psychic disorders.

The phenomenon began about fifty years ago with the entry into the field of family associations. First in France in 1964 with the Union Nationale des amis et des familles des malades mintux, then in England in 1971 with the National Schizophrenia Fellowship and in 1978 in the United States with the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill. These are organizations that have reached significant levels of power, including from an economic point of view and that have contributed to raising awareness and bringing out new points of view on mental disorders, increasing awareness and tolerance in communities, influencing the politics and strategies of Mental Health Services and becoming an unprecedented political pressure force (Agnetti, 2006).

We also have variety of botanicals

We also have variety of botanicals which like in stress relief, reduce anxiety, and improving overall health by assisting in neurotransmitters in the brain. Hence, ensuring the healthy mental condition. 

Mental Health holds immense importance as if not, it is a major contributor to multiple health conditions. Along with causing health issues, it can become a roadblock to healing too. Our mental health services can help in removing all muddy water from poor health and bring positive lifestyle modification.

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