The Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations of the Australian government has outlined the academic policies, rules, and regulations governing CUF 50407, also known as the Diploma of Specialist Makeup Services, in great detail. The Australian government places a high value on ensuring the well-being of its citizens, particularly those receiving both formal and technical education.

This page will go into detail about the course description and the interested applicants’ summary of employability skills qualifications:

The description


Those who hold this certificate are responsible for planning, carrying out, and evaluating their own or a team’s work in the domain of specialised cosmetics solutions for the entertainment, film, and television industries. They must also possess a strong intellectual foundation. They might run a makeup shop or department, or they might operate on their own.

Anyone seeking to achieve this certificate is likely already skilled in standard hairdressing and/or beauty procedures.

Workplace obligations

• The fashion industry, cosmetic, and hair designers

• A creator or artisan of theatrical disguise.

Route Specifications

  • Pathways to recognition
  • Methods for achieving the prerequisite
  • Learners may fulfil the prerequisites with little to no applicable lower-level education and no prior training.

Information about controlling and implementing the licensing mechanism

Factors to take into account for certification, law, regulation, and licensing

There is no direct connection between this qualification and any legal, administrative, or licensing requirements. A unit of competency will, however,, if necessary, identify relevant authorization, mandatory, and/or administrative criteria that are relevant to the area of expertise.


• Exhibiting tact and respect toward artists and entertainers

• Having compassion for people from all origins and with different skill sets.

• Consulting more experienced artists when developing novel makeover touches

• Negotiating changes to the hair and makeup arrangements

• Resolving disputes that may come up about the supply of makeup and hair services on the spot

• Examining stories, product briefings, and other operational information

• Articulating extremely complicated ideas

• Completing any paperwork associated with the job, including continuity diaries and make-up schedules

• Working together to develop solutions, test them, and make improvements.

• Exchanging design concepts with clients and colleagues

• Obtaining reports regarding the equipment and requirements for creation, both verbally and in writing.

• Haggling with resource suppliers


• Encouraging a climate of open and sympathetic communication among coworkers

• Being able to connect with people of many needs and interests

• Fostering a culture of cooperation among teammates and monitoring the team’s production.

Finding solutions

Constantly evaluating, challenging, and moving ideas closer to solutions.

• Recognizing important trends and issues, and then dealing with them with a range of suggestions and solutions.

• Handling unforeseen issues and challenges that arise throughout testing methods.

• Designing and implementing hairstyles that take particular facial traits or forms into mind.

• Taking action to guarantee a safe workplace

• Identifying and appropriately responding to skin reactions to cosmetics or hair care items

• Developing solutions for extra money

Innovation and business

• Coming up with and analysing concepts

• Use of lateral thinking for developing ideas

• Developing the most effective technique for using special makeup effects to improve characterisation.

• Working actively and effectively on a range of tasks requiring innovative thought.

• Creating and refining concepts for hair and cosmetics looks.

• Creating and refining ideas for prosthetic devices.

• Fast accurately altering actors’ hair and cosmetics throughout performances

• Anticipating and resolving any potential on-site continuity concerns with hair and makeup.

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